Forensic ICT

a different kind of investigation


Technology and digitalisation can no longer be ignored in today’s society. But, this technology can also be misused or can fail on its own. We offer a solution for these problems by means of a digital forensic approach.

We offer our services to law firms, insurance companies and other companies. Natural persons can also be helped through his or her legal assistance insurance.

An invoice was forged, an important document was accidentally deleted, your customized program does not do what you expect from it, analysis of the internet history on one of your employees, check the authenticity of an email, prove that a photo has been edited …
These are just a few examples where a forensic approach can offer a solution, the list is too long to name them all.

We can help you by first securing your digital evidence and then possibly mediate between two parties. If it is not possible to mediate to a solution, the court can also appoint us as a court expert witness or to carry out any counter-expertise.

We always try to be procedural efficient. It is sometimes faster and cheaper to mediate. Your lawyer is your legal advisor, we are your technical advisor.

Yoeri Vandaele – CEO / expert