Humans, the weakest link in your online security

The solution: a cyber security awareness training by Diforex


A state-of-the-art network system and a super ICT team monitor your critical business and financial data.
Nevertheless, one weak link remains. The weakest!
Over 80% of all cyber incidents are attributable to human error. Do not wait until your organisation falls into the hands of cyber criminals.
Getting your network infrastructure operational again and not being operational during these incidents will cost your company many unnecessary euros.
Your employees being aware to the dangers of the digital world will make the online security of your company truly safe.
Diforex cyber security awareness training decreases the risk on successful cyber attacks exponentially.
After this training you will have a good picture on the potential dangers specific to your company and which employee is more likely to be targeted by savvy cyber criminals. No specific prior knowledge is required to follow cyber security awareness training.

threats overview

Malware, cryptoware, phishing, CEO fraude, social engineering,... We teach you how to recognise all these threats and how to respond accordingly.

email hygiene

Do your employees click on any attachment? Is that DHL mail really from DHL? Learn to recognise the dangers.

online hygiene

What to avoid during web surfing, what to be aware off in particularly in combination with sensitive websites, IoT and/or social media

password management

Raise your access policy with a few simple basics and technological help as 2FA

Humans, the weakest link in your online security

Protect your business by offering your employees the diforex cyber security awareness training

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Protect your business today with our cyber security awareness training


ICT training can cost a lot of money. Our vision at Diforex is to make online security accessible to everyone.
Hereby we do not forget the smaller companies.
Therefore, we use democratic prices based on the number of participants.

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in your trusted working environment

- €1500,00 ex. VAT for groups up to 25 participants
- €3600,00 ex. VAT for groups up to 50 participants
- we make a quote for groups over 50 participants

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