Secure Wiping

In some circumstances it is actually the intention to securely erase data: Selling old appliances, a former employee leaving the company, etc .;
It is important to delete company-sensitive data in a forensically correct way so that they can no longer be recovered with specialized techniques.

This process is also called “wiping” or “shredding” within the Digital Forensic world. A “wipe” is followed by a forensic verification of this process to check whether data effectively can no longer be recovered.
From this moment on, it is safe to use the media bearer again without the risk of company-sensitive information leakage or where industrial espionage is possible. The media bearer is returned to a new state without a file system or operating system.

If desired, we can bring the media bearer back into operation by placing a file system of choice on it or even provide it with an operating system. A so-called ‘clean install’.